Thursday, November 29, 2007

A belated congratulations to my lovely man Anthony Kiedis on becoming a dad to Everly Bear (?? I know... sheesh). Hope he has a better handle on this parenting caper than I do. It's much harder work than you'd think from the Kleenex ads.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Because my life is a constant stream of ideas to distract myself from the reality of daily life I have this morning booked our family holiday to Fiji for next year. "But you just returned from your family holiday to Phuket!" I hear you shout. Yes, I know, I know. I've decided that the planning of a holiday and the subsequent anticipation are actually the best parts and that the holiday itself, no matter how wonderful, is actually somewhat of an anticlimax. So my remedy for crashing back to earth post-Phuket is to launch another planning-anticipation-preparation cycle.

It also worked out that the resort of choice in Fiji, the Shangri La, had a good deal and, in combination with air fares paid for with frequent flyer points, we can have 10 days of tropical bliss (including the ALL IMPORTANT KIDS CLUB) for a very reasonable amount of money. Not only that but our friends D and M and their kids S and V are going at the same time so we'll have others to annoy once we're tired of annoying each other (which will be about 10 minutes after we board the plane).

So far 2008 is panning out to be loads of fun: the Australian Open in Melbourne at the end of January in honour of our 10th wedding anniversary; Easter weekend on the south coast with friends; the ever wonderful Camp Connection at the end of March; and Fiji in June.

Then there's JB's and mine 30/40 birthday holiday to plan for early 2009. I should have been a travel agent... except that I hate people and customer service... apart from that it would be a perfect job for me.
It's wonderful to be back in blogland. Of course all the things I've been dying to blog about have evaporated from my mind but that's life.

We are connected to the outside world again thanks to my sister donating her wireless gear to us since she is leaving next week for her big, huge, major better-do-this-before-I-turn-30-and-can't-get-a-working-visa-anymore working holiday to Amsterdam. I can't really write too much about this because I'm in total denial and would rather not explore my feelings on this particular subject. So just pretend I haven't said anything.

Anyway, wireless is still the only we can connect to the cyber world because we have obviously chosen to live in a remote area here in downtown Homebush Bay, less than 20 kms from Sydney and within cooee of the Year 2000 Olympic site. Why would I assume that this new fangled internet technology would be accessible to us in this back-of-beyond neighbourhood we've chosen for ourselves. The fact that tin shacks on the side of hills in Phuket can boast ADSL connection is simply of no consequence to Telstra who have a policy of treating their customers with the contempt we so rightly deserve.

So (at the risk of jumbling up a whole lot of whinges in the one thought process) while I am bending over in preparation for what the Labor Party will undoubtedly be doing to us all over the next three years, I invite Telstra to kiss my ass! Pucker up Sol.

Monday, November 26, 2007

When good democracy goes bad:

1) The whole KRUDD fiasco.

Even worse:

2) Natalie winning Oz Idol over Matt Corby.

Sometimes the people just get it wrong. Sometimes a benevolent dictatorship led by moi would be a much better political model. Give it some thought, you'll see the benefits.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Unless you live under a rock or o/s or just don't care (like I wish I didn't) it's Federal election time here in Oz on Saturday. The past few weeks have been like Chinese water torture except with shit instead of water; slow, repetitive drips of crap on our heads, on tv, radio and all forms of media. I really feel like I'm going mad.

I know who I'm voting for on Saturday and I am reasonably comfortable with my decision but only due to a lack of any credible, sensible, logical alternative. I know whowever I vote for the winner will be a politician and that makes me very sad.

I used to have some passion, a certain fire in my belly when it came to politics. Now I have decided I hate them all, every single one. They would each sell their grandmother for a buck or a vote. There are no fierce leaders anymore, possibly there never were, it's possible a certain level of nostalgia clouds our vision of leaders from the past who were fairly certainly sleazy, arrogant bastards just like today's breed.

All I know is that none of the parties truly reflect my thoughts on life, on the things that matter to me. I am simply picking the best of a bad lot. The bottom line is I'm lucky. I'm a hetrosexual middle class woman, most of the political bullshit leans in my favour. Whoever wins or loses nothing much will effect my day to day life. Some tinkering round the edges which I will hardly notice.

At this point I'll just be happy to watch some tv without a hysteria-inducing scare-mongering political advertisement appearing every 30 seconds.
Hey, it's been a while.

What have you been up to?

Yeah, you know... this and that!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oooooh, Dexter. I have a new man in my life and he is a serial killer.

Last night I sat "this" close to Michael C. Hall. You'll remember Michael C. Hall from such roles as DAVID FISHER in Six Feet Under, my alter ego, the character I most loved and related to in that amazing series. I fucking love this guy and to sit "this" far away from him was awesome. I don't know why, it just was OK!

It was a Popcorn Taxi event and we got to see two episodes of the mind-blowing new series Dexter and its star Michael C. Hall (see above) interviewed by a funny and half-decent journalist.

Dexter is the upcoming MUST SEE series (thank fucking GOD we have Foxtel, it's worth every cent just for this show alone) and Michael is cuter, wittier and just plain fantastic-er in the flesh than I could have dared hope for.

Thank you Popcorn Taxi for a great night out.

PS The world is full of nutters and a great deal of them were there last night asking questions during the Q&A session. One guy flew up from Melbourne because he missed out on tickets there. The questions were just plain stupid and crazy and many of those people should be hospitalised for the their own safety and that of the public.