Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still here

Still here, dear reader. This is one of those guilt posts where I assure you of my good intentions and confirm that I have neither been abducted by aliens nor committed to the local mental asylum (which is long overdue IMHO).

Just not enough time to sit and gather my thoughts and blog. Plenty buzzing around my head, it's just the process of editing all that into something worth reading which is not happening right now.

So a brief "howdy" and on I go with the school holiday juggle.

Watch this space for something much more informative and entertaining.... really, who am I kidding!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Angry bird

That's me. I'm still angry.... but about something different this time. The arseholes downstairs from us. Keeping me up half the night last night (and for most of last week). It's been the stressful weekend from hell. Big Jay is in Perth and I have had a truckload of stuff to do.

Friday night was the school's Movie Under The Stars night which I was the lead organiser on. It meant a lot of work leading up to the night, a lot of worrying about the night (will it rain? will anyone turn up? will anyone eat the 30-odd kilos of mixed lollies I bought and packed?) and a lot of work on the day and that night. By the time I draged the kids home and collapsed into bed I was shattered.

Up bright and early to drive Will to a soccer game in a suburb I'm not familiar with. Get lost, swear and generally act like an immature spoilt brat. Come home and half lay around, half do lots of housework I don't at all feel like doing.

Get kids in the car to drive to Cronulla so Marianna can participate in half time cheerleading entertainment at the Sharks vs Sea Eagles rugby league game. Drive takes two hours (normally 45 minutes tops) and costs me 10 years off my life. Kids drive me to insanity with constant whining and bickering (at one point while crawling in the traffic I contemplate getting out and just walking until I find someone who can tell me how to enter the witness protection program and never be seen again by anyone I currently know, especially my children).

Finally arrive at the ground, after parking over a kilometre away, just in time for aforementioned cheerleading. Watch and video the performance (nowhere near as good as last year, shit music, shit choreography). Leave.

Come home doubly shattered. Watch the Swans beat West Coast (woo bloody hoo) and collapse into bed. Beyond tired. What happens? I can't sleep because the bozos downstairs (obviously staying as a temporary rental - possibly working at the Easter Show) are sitting on their deck below my bedroom and acting like generally drunk arseholes act - loud talking, loud laughing, loud swearing.

Fuck! Ever time I'd doze off some shithead would bray with drunken laughter; like a sledgehammer to the head. I rang the police at 11:30 but not sure if anything happened (though the nice young constable - I sound like someone's grandmother - assured me they'd send a car around). At 1:15 am I was yet again woken by their noise.

I really hate people and after last night I hope climate change is real (well, of course, it's real, but I mean real in the doomsday way the nutters are predicting) because I want the people downstairs to drown slowly in the rising seas - preferrably while I watch and cheer. I digress.

So after almost no sleep I rise early yet again to get Marianna to birthday party number one by 10:00 am. While she's patting snakes and eating jelly I take Will to visit my grandma in Shady Pines and listen to her complain bitterly that she should still be at home and that she doesn't know why we are making her live there (there's a whole other very very long post right there). Oh joy!

Back to collect Marianna and straight onto her soccer game. She's playing in the under 6s and they don't keep score but I think her team scored 10-0, it was like watching Collingwood play Gold Coast Suns.

No rest for the wicked so we were straight onto the local Aquatic Centre for birthday party number two. Oh GOD!

We finally collapsed home at 5:30. Showers, dinner, blah blah and now I'm sitting her blogging feeling so tightly strung I'm not sure if I'll ever sleep again.

It's the first day of school hols tomorrow and while it's nice to have a break from school routine and I know the kids really need it, for me it means the extra juggle of making sure the kids are looked after and entertained on the days I have to work. It also means a few extra days off work which I can not afford in the sense that I am drowing in work and days away from the office mean falling further and further behind. Fucked by guilt whichever way I go. Oh joy!

Gee, that was cheery, wasn't it. Bet you're glad you stuck through that pile of steaming dreck. So sorry. Something funner next time I hope. Good night.

PS I think this list of complaints comes under the title of what my sister calls "First World Problems". Fuck yeah!

1, 2, 3, 4.... we don't want your...

...stupid Carbon Tax. Sorry. Doesn't really have a great ring to it, does it.

Never mind. Her I am last week at the No Carbon Tax protest in Sydney.

It's hard not to get disheartened and I'm not one for protesting in general but there I was last Saturday, listening to Angry Anderson get really really ANGRY and wondering when exactly the world went totally mad.

Not my best angle I must admit and my sign is a little cringeworthy. My problem with slogans is that the first one that pops into my mind is the only one that pops into my mind. So here I am with my sign which I'm not overly proud of (though I fully belive in the sentiment I'm expressing so badly). As you can see the man next to me isn't all that excited about my sign either. Last thought on this damned sign - I do like the typeface.

Anyway, let's see some better signs.

This lady had a double sided sign and I loved both sides.

I couldn't get a photo of one of my favourites but it said "By 2012 no Australian child will be living in Carbon". Giggle.

The final word goes to the homeless man selling The Big Issue on the corner of George and Market Street. As I walked back to the car park after the rally he saw my sign and said "yeah, just keep polluting the world" - as in "yeah, just keep polluting the world you fucking capitalist Earth wrecking bitch". It's good to see even the street people have been brainwashed. Not just the chardonnay sipping middle classes (I actually quite hate that expression but just using it for effect here - my dad refers to them as "doctors' wives" and I hate that even more).

So there we go. I've expressed myself in a public forum on the subject I feel most strongly about (politically speaking) with a nett end result of zilch and the march to futility continues. Oi vey!