Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still here

Still here, dear reader. This is one of those guilt posts where I assure you of my good intentions and confirm that I have neither been abducted by aliens nor committed to the local mental asylum (which is long overdue IMHO).

Just not enough time to sit and gather my thoughts and blog. Plenty buzzing around my head, it's just the process of editing all that into something worth reading which is not happening right now.

So a brief "howdy" and on I go with the school holiday juggle.

Watch this space for something much more informative and entertaining.... really, who am I kidding!


Kath Lockett said...

I hear ya sister. The house looks like a bomb's gone through it but I'm choosing to ignore it - and my dauntingly long 'To Do' list and goof off in cyberspace instead.

Mordrian said...

Good to hear from you :)


Chris H said...

Hi Chick... I have not heard from you before! I checked out your followers... I follow Big Pissy too... so that's probably how you found me.
Thanks for popping and saying 'Hi'... have a great Easter.