Friday, August 22, 2008

Enough of this Colin the Whale bullshit. Seriously, do we need to have it as the number fucking news story all week? Sure it's sad blah blah (not really) but this stuff happens all the time out in the wild. But I guess if it's not on TV it's not real. Let's not even mention the thousands, millions of children who die of starvation and curable illnesses all over the world each year because apparently there isn't enough money and/or interest to fund their salvation. Strangely no-one seemed to blink an eye at the thought of spending up to $60 million to get the armed forces involved in taking this friggin' baby whale out to a [potential] passing pod of other whales so that it could [potentially, chances low] be adopted by another whale. Now the morons are yelling we haven't done enough. Sheesh!

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