Saturday, June 13, 2009

A quick update, probably the last, before we run out for our dinner at The Boxwood Cafe in Chelsea. Yes, another Gordon Ramsey restaurant. J took me very seriously when I said I wanted to eat at one of his eateries. If yesterday's lunch at Maze Grill is anything to go by we're in for a treat.

Today started with breakfast at Patisserie Valerie, another chain common around these here parts. It was average, let's put it that way. Then we caught the tube to the East End to start our walking tour of the Jewish Quarter. The tour was lead by a fascinating lady called Jean who had a wonderful way of telling us about the history of this area.

We spent time in the oldest synagogue in London and learnt a great deal about Sir Moses Montefiore and about Prime Minister Disraeli. We finished at the front of Liverpool Street Station at the memorial to the children brought to England from Germany to be saved during WWII.

Lunch was enjoyed at St John Bread and Wine, which is the casual offshoot of St Johns, famous for its snout to tail cuisine. This place is something else, definitely for the serious foodie. We shared small dishes of yummy goodness like beautiful fresh asparagus, just cooked and served with a tiny pot of clarified butter and sea salt flakes, a plate of gorgeous monkfish liver served with something called samphire (a sort of weed) and a plate simply called Tomato which provided a sample of the various in-season tomatoes served with a light pickled walnut dressing. We finished with a bowl of burnt cream ice cream, which was unbelievable. Not for everyone but I enjoyed every morsel.

We needed to head back to J's offiice near Oxford Street to pick up a parcel to bring back home and took the opportunity to drop back into M&S. Mum couldn't find the pants/trousers she wanted but we did get some great control top pantyhose (which I'm sure you're all totally fascinated to hear all about).

Tomorrow J is taking us to explore the Burrough Markets which she loves. I am dying to taste the oysters which I have heard so much about. Sadly I won't be able to bring any home for my oyster loving baby girl to sample. We will then take our bags over to J's house in Hammersmith and squeeze in a quick explore of the new Westfield recently opened up the road from her.

Then it's time for our sad goodbyes and then to head to the airport and come home.

I need to say that I really really love London. I think living here may kill me, if it's possible to die from sensory overload. London is everything I love in life squared or even cubed, distilled to its purest form. Culture, theatre, history, people, food, fashion; everything is here in so much abundance it's hard to contemplate. Sure there is plenty of crap but the multitude of fabulous more than makes up for it. I would surely spontaneously combust if I had to spend a great deal of time here; short visits are much better for my health.

I am so glad and grateful for this wonderful adventure which I have been lucky enough to share with my mum and my sister. It has come with it's share of frustrations but for the most part it has been amazing and eye opening. I will never forget Odessa and the glimpse of what my life may have been; I hope I can carry that lesson with me for the rest of my days. I will never forget these few days of indulgence in London.

Sydney, here I come.


Julia said...

Thanks for everything beautiful x

Kath Lockett said...

What a trip - feel like I was along in your suitcase the whole way and felt it all with you!