Friday, March 05, 2010

You got to have faith?

It's pretty well documented that I'm a cynical bitch. I don't suffer from an over abundance of faith.

Faith in politics and/or politicians.

Faith in the media.

Faith in my fellow humans (mostly).

Faith in any sort of god and/or organised religion.

So it hurt my brain to hear on the radio yesterday, during a discussion about religious education in schools, that (are you sitting down?) only 19% of Americans believe in evolution (NINETEEN FUCKING PERCENT!!!!) and a marginally less obscene 42% of Australians.

I accept that such surveys are often skewed in various ways and I accept that there would be a certain percentage out of the 81% (and 58%) who would argue that humans were dropped on planet earth by aliens but that still leaves a shocking number of people who believe that us humans were created by a guy in a robe and a long beard who lives up in the sky.

That sort of information causes an overload in my brain. I don't know how to process such data.

But I have come to accept (though not understand) that there are fans of Celine Dion and Andre Rieu in the world so I suppose I will eventually find a way of living with such mind boggling information.


Fiona said...

KB, you would not believe how many churches there are over here. I daren't walk into one for fear of bursting into flames. Everyone goes to church;it's like a cultural thing. This country is fucked up...more houses of worship than shoe stores. That is a SIN.
Who needs health care reform? What about the important things in life, like more decent coffee shops rather than more churches!!!??

Julia said...

"more houses of worship than shoe stores" - brilliant!

開會討論 said...