Saturday, May 22, 2010

I love you I Love You Too

Yesterday Big Jay and I had a date day. I decided to make the most of his current unemployed status by taking a little time for ourselves. Friday is my normal day off and I usually fill it up with shopping for fruit and veg at the wonderful Flemington Markets, shopping for the endless array of gifts the children need for the never ending array of children's parties they attend, occassionally taking my grandma out for lunch or one of many other tasks which cry out for my attention on my "day off".

But yesterday was a little space for us to enjoy some couple time. I chose a movie and yum cha and after dropping the kids at school and having a standard (don't panic!) blood test we turned up at Rhodes for a 10:30 AM session of I Love You Too.

This is the new Oz film written by and co-starring Peter Helliar. Maybe I'm going soft in my old age but I LOVED THIS FILM. Not just liked a lot but LOVED IT, as in I wanted to see it again the very minute it was finished.

It was full of Oz-isms which made me happy and warm and comfortable, like coming home after a hard day and putting on my comfy pyjamas and slippers and drinking a cup of tea on my sofa in front of a re-run of Roseanne. Sort of like The Castle (which I also love with every fibre of my being) but not quite the same.

Like Kevin Smith, Peter Helliar does the sort of dialogue I adore. For me it's the dialogue which makes a film terrible, OK or outstanding. Yes, Avatar had brilliant graphics and effects but I couldn't remember a single word, let alone line, of dialogue if you held a gun to my head.

The characters are endearing and interesting without being bizarre. The story is little and sweet, like a darling little cupcake which looks gorgeous and gives you a couple of perfect mouthfuls you'll remember fondly for a very long time. As I write this I want to watch it again, right now. Relive the little moments, the little bursts of happiness, sadness and laughter.

It is funny that in a week when I was dwelling on the fact that so few movies really touch me and stay with me (like Say Anything, for example) a perfect tiny gift like I Love You Too drops into my lap and my heart.


裕以 said...

After a storm comes a calm..............................................

Big Pissy said...

Oh, that sounds good!

I want to see it! :)

Julia said...

What blah blah said.

I really want to see it!