Friday, September 30, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Schlock

All the signs were good. Cute title. Great reviews. Solid cast, including Julianne Moore who I really love (or at least loved deeply in The Hours....but come to think of it I'm not sure what else I've loved her in...hhmmmm). A rare kid-free night out at the movies and a movie Big Jay was reasonably happy to see though it is definitely on "my" side of the movie choosing ledger being a chick flick.

Before the movie even started I experienced two conflicting emotions. Happiness at being in the comfort of VMax, which has a huge screen and super comfy "couple" seats, and an ice cream in hand. Anger at the ridiculously cold air conditioning which was blowing a full scale icy gale above my head. I sent Big Jay out to complain and he was assured it would be turned down once the movie started (???). Well it was and it wasn't. The a/c kept cycling between freezing and off meaning I was constantly aware of being uncomfortable.

Anyway, I've put off talking about the actual film long enough. Maybe it's me but I feel like I've written a variation of the same review too often in recent years "good idea poorly executed". Basically it was the usual "love is tough but conquers all in the end" schmaltz. I can stomach that concept if it has something else going for it. I want some wit, some great dialogue, some brilliant acting, a "twist" that I don't see coming from five minutes into the movie. Something, anything...

"Crazy, Stupid, Love" had none of these things. The script was cliched, the acting and directing clunky and dull, the story uninspired and unbelievable. I didn't "feel" anything and I didn't believe any of the motivations in the storyline. It was just plain boring.

If it wasn't for Ryan Gosling's Jacob and Emma Stone's (my goodness she has beautiful green cat eyes) Hannah I would have been tempted to walk out. They were the only two characters I vaguely cared about, the only ones that were remotely interesting. Even the minor part of Hannah's friend Liz was more interesting (and had better things to say) than the major characters of Steve Carrell's Cal and Julianne Moore's Emily.

I just didn't "buy" any of it, it didn't say anything to me... I am so sick of unimaginative dross being hailed as something new and wonderful. Speaking of saying anything Big Jay is away for the weekend and I feel I might have a date with John Cusack and Ione Skye coming least I know that Cameron Crowe could write movies which mean something to me.


Anonymous said...

OUCH, is it me or is 9 out of 10 movies now not worth watching?

Movies here are cheep (AUD$7.50) and you dont pay extra for 3D so if i'm dissapointed in a movie it doesnt hurt as bad as if i just droped $50 for dissapointment.

With the time i spend in the air i get through most movies and usally within 20 min i know if its worth wasting my time on..... actually Hannah was one of the last ones i actually watched all the way through..

Oh, an as i'm a having a bitch... if a movie goes on for more that 2 hours and its not lord of the rings... its too long...

Julia said...

Yep I had no interest in seeing this, knew it would be rubbish. Sorry you wasted your time (and froze). Wait till Contagion comes out. More rubbish (although worth it for Jude Law's GODAWFUL Australian accent - streuth!)

Kath Lockett said...

I was actually thinking of having a 'date' with JC this weekend too - it might be time to introduce him to Sapphire!