Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sorry, I've been MIA lately. Just the usual not-enough-hours -in-the-day scenario. March was pure and simple crazy with my 40th and then two straight weekends away in a row plus concerts and normal life somehow fitted in inbetween.

Of course our first "quiet" weekend at home we decide to do up the kids' bedrooms. This involves numerous trips to Ikea and adairs and the mattress discount place in the back streets of Rhodes. Big Jay spends the day dismantling and putting together furniture and lugging things down to the garage (which is now at capacity). However, at the end of two exhausting days we end up with a very nice little kids' area. A much cooler big boy's room for Will, a very pretty room for the Grumpy Princess and a much neater looking TV room (thanks to the dad's early birthday present of a Sony flat screen tv for the kids - what every 3 and 9 year old need!).

Will's room.
There's still a desk to go in (but there's only so much Ikea DIY Big Jay can handle in one go).

The Grumpy Princess' new bed (there are three big useful drawers underneath and a trundle).

The "work" corner. A Grumpy Princess' work is never done.

The slightly blurry monsters who terrorise this house ("hi" Aunty!).


Cookie said...

you've got two very cute kids, Julia must be one proud auntie! Susan

Julia said...

Hi angels! You are growing up and so beautiful. Miss you both very much xxx

Kath Lockett said...

Nice! Agree with you re IKEA. Done some recent stuff to our own place and Love Chunks is heartily sick of flatpacks and Allen keys.

Perhaps that's why he wasn't too amused at Easter time when I gave him a stack of chocolate blocks and said, "Here you are - your flatpack Easter eggs."