Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sorry... I know! I've been a bad bad blogger and there's just no excuse. So I'll pretend like nothing's happened, OK.

Life continues to flow like the uncontrolled and uncontrollable fast forward hurtle towards death that we all know it to be. I blink and another week or month has gone by. The children get taller and meaner. The carpet has more wear and tear. The washing machine never seems to stop.

But inbetween I do fit in cuddles and giggles with the monsters who rule our house. I manage a chat, a laugh and even the occasional dinner with great friends. The last few weeks I've even managed to drag myself to our in-house gym for a half hour, early morning workout. Big Jay and I continue to fight for our sanity breaks, paramount amongst them our weekly doses of Underbelly (WHAT are these people??!!), Dexter (Season Three better be round the corner or I may implode) and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

The Swans are central to our lives again (March through September!). It's never easy being a footy fan and they are keeping us on our toes. Last week's match against the Kangaroos was a brain-popping 64-64 tie. This Sunday's home game against Western Bulldogs should be a big one. It's at the SCG and we're hanging out to try the new-ish gourmet burger place which opened in Oxford Street last year.

So onto the big news of the week. BIG BROTHER 08. You're all aware of my mental illness in regard to BB so you'll all be aware of how fucking excited I am. We got started last night with the "new" BB - Kyle and Jackie O hosting (I'm sad and not sad to say goodbye to Gretel, probably her time had come). I'm not a fan of Kyle's but I'm willing to give it a go. So far I'm happy with the diversity of housemates. At least they're not all dumb, young, pert wannabes. Some are actual nutty opinionated normal looking people like the rest of us.

Without knowing any better I'll say that I like Travis (the one with the annoying voice and optimistic personality), Rina (the fiesty, little lady), Dixie (the Aboriginal mental health worker), Saxon (the fully nutbag alien believer) and Terri (the Pauline Hanson loving grandma). Mainly because these people seem to have some life experience, some strong personalities and a bit of get up and go. The others are young, (mostly) attractive and too cool for school. Of course I'm also super excited about Friday Night Live. Bring it on!

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