Monday, December 08, 2008

I can't believe that as of this morning (8 December) I have not only sent out our [personalised] Christmas cards but have also bought, wrapped and hidden pretty much all the pressies. I even mailed the annual family photo book to Jay's grandmother in England last week! This is not like me at all, well not in recent years anyway. I used to be super organised Christmas-wise but the last few years (the "children years" I like to call them) things have slipped somewhat.

But somehow, and really it hasn't been through any super hard trying, I've got my Christmas mojo back. It's such a relief to know I can stop thinking about pressies and throw myself into the next couple of weeks of festivities with a relatively clear, guilt-free mind (just don't mention the ACC newsletter and no-one will get hurt).

Ho ho ho!


Julia said...

Good on you!

I'm totally in Christmas mode too, mostly work-induced, but the English are obsessed with Christmas so it's rubbed off. Bring on the feast!

Kath Lockett said...

The photo is gorgeous! You're far more organised than I am and I've not sent cards out for a few years now - otherwise you'd be top on the list :)

As for presents, until we sell our house (the thought of bridging finance just makes me want to be sick), I'll probably be handing out home made biscuits and a big smile....