Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I know you've all been hanging out for my review of Paul Blart: Mall Cop... come on, admit it.

Wait no longer dear readers.

When we saw the shorts for this film Big Jay and I turned to each other and said "Will is going to LOVE THIS!". This is the kind of slapstick physical humour Will loves (and let me just say, so do I).

This is worth seeing if only for the magnificent Segway transporter action. I seriously love these things. There are a few around the Olympic Park precinct where we live that are used for tours. Every time I see one zipping around I dream of owning one. To be honest I think that would be a total disaster because my lack of balancing prowess is well documented so I'm sure I would crash the thing into a tree within 20 seconds.

But I digress. Mall Cop was really just a fun and funny family film of the old fashioned variety. I enjoyed every minute. Marianna was a bit restless (not enough Wiggles and/or mermaids for her liking) but Will giggled all the way through.

Also this is probably a good time to confess a soft spot for Kevin James. Sure, he's no Robbie Williams, but he does appeal to the significant part of me which likes big cuddly slightly dopey blokes.

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