Monday, November 30, 2009

How's that cloning research coming along?

Jesus, do I need to clone myself!

I need to be two people, one the practical, day-to-day Kathy, who get's the jobs done, goes to work, makes sure the kids and husband are fed, cleaned and generally looked after. Then I need another Kathy to do all the fun stuff, the cool stuff, the stuff that actually makes life fantastic.

I have been accused of burning the candle at both ends (and I'm the one who does the accusing) but it's not my fault that there is just so much great stuff to do.

Just a brief rundown of life at the moment:

This weekend gone had me at a playgroup mums' end of year dinner (home at 12:30 am, which is way way way past my bedtime). Up at 6:00 am to have Marianna at swimming by 8:00 am, then ballet, pick up Will and friend from tennis, a quick (much too quick) relax by the pool while the kids have a swim, then up for lunch and to prepare for that evening's bbq. Whisk the kids off to a birthday party, home at 5:30 pm to entertain friends with a bbq.

Sunday up early again to finish cleaning up from the night before, quick visit to Target and the shops for a few bits of this and that, home to make picnic basket for A Day On The Green, drive an hour and a half to Bowral, enjoy a day of outdoor music, food and fun with friends (OK, music not so good), home at 10:30 pm. God only knows how I got up for work this morning, the poor kids were wrecked and I had to take Marianna to work with me because she just couldn't manage a day at daycare.

This weekend coming starts on Thursday with a Year 4 Class Dinner (which I've organised, being the class mum - how the hell did that happen?). Friday will be dinner out with Big Jay's mum who is visiting from Perth. Sunday is the usual early start for swimming (thank goodness, no ballet this week). Hopefully some amount of relaxation by the pool and then a trek over to the Olympic Park for the Cold Chisel concert (which follows the Sydney 500 car race, which Big Jay will be taking Will to during the day).

Are you still with me?

Sunday is a birthday party for Marianna to go to bright and early. A quick trip up to the Central Coast to pick up Big Jay's mum from a relative's house and then off to the airport.

The following week my dear darling sister flies home on Tuesday after living overseas for two years! Yeah yeah yeah (insert me doing happy dance here).

Then Marianna has a birthday party on the Saturday morning. We have my work Christmas party on the Saturday night.

Sunday I am taking Marianna to see the English National Ballet do Angelina Ballerina at the State Theatre. Oh bliss! Dinner with friends in town.

Then the weekend before Christmas we have Marianna's ballet concert on the Saturday, which will be a day of boredom for 5 minutes of excitement. Then on the Sunday we're off to The Wiggles Christmas concert followed by a bbq here at Chez Nuthouse.

In the immortal words of the master's all been too much for me.


Fiona said...

Yes, but we've all been so nice to you!!

Kath Lockett said...

Phark! I need a lie down just READING about what's on your plate, mate!

Sarah said...

She's coming home!?!?!?!?!?!

Big Pissy said...

Reading that exhausted me!