Monday, November 30, 2009

I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more...

... to not ever have to hear The Proclaimers and/or The B-52s live, ever again.

Look, it seemed like a good idea at the time. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening at Centennial Vineyards in Bowral at A Day on the Green event featuring the above mentioned bands as well as Mental As Anything. Overall it was a wonderful day, sitting out in the paddock on a lovely cool/warm summer's day with good friends and good food.

Too bad I can't really use the word "good" to describe the music. Mental As Anything were great, not musical giants by any stretch of the imagination, but good fun with lots of old favourites us Aussies have grown up with. The Nips Are Getting Bigger and If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too are practically part of our Australian DNA.

The Procalimers are a study in middle-of-the-road. Nothing offensive, but certainly a good effort at steady mediocre. Of course everybody sang along to I'm On My Way and I Would Walk 500 Miles (which is actually not the title of the song I think) which was very jolly and the kids had a ball dancing along with all the manic, drunk, sentimental adults. Unfortunately they didn't bring along their subtitles because I couldn't understand a friggin' word they were saying in between songs (and I was married to a Scot way back when, so I've had experience with this pea soup of an accent).

Now The B-52s were shocking. Really. The male singer is truly painful to the ears, his voice could strip paint, no doubt about it. That gay, nasal twang is amusing and even endearing to me in some settings (Example A: David Sedaris) but in this instance it is unbearable noise pollution. Make it stop, make it stop.

Of course we had all the favourites, Roam, Love Shack, (Something Else I Can't Remember Right Now) and the big finale of Rock Lobster. OK, all good clean fun but dear God never make me sit through it again!

[I had hoped that the girl singer, name never known, - Kate Pierson (thanks Google) - would sing Candy, that fabulous song she did with Iggy Pop a gazillion years ago, but that didn't eventuate. Given that Mr B-52 would have to have sung Iggy's part I think that's a blessing.]


Sarah said...

Candy is the song of my first 17 year old heart break - i love it and hate it all in one tight chested sob.

Kath Lockett said...

Ah, you're thinking of Mr Fred Schneider.

...I've got all their albums and love him anyway.....

Julia said...

Love Candy!

Great write-up x