Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Burn the heretic

Who knew that one day it would come this? I don't like to say that I'm on Tony Abbott's side. There is a lot about him I don't like: the conservative Catholic ideology - anti abortion, anti divorce, yada yada.

But how can I not love a man, the only man, who is publicly showing some balls, real balls, by standing up against the most stupid, ridiculous, beyond ridiculous, waste of money, waste of public resources, waste of my sanity, piece of shit legislation ever seen in this country?

Of course, being a politician, he couldn't maintain by admiration for long. Having previously said that climate change is a "lot of crap" [I believe I'm quoting him correctly] he has now stated he's a "believer" [meaning, he hasn't totally got the guts to straight out state that the emperor is naked].

I am finding all this bullshit so increibly frustrating. Whenever something about it comes on the radio or news I literally feel my blood boiling. One of these days I will burst a gasket, I'm sure of it.

To be frank if we're going to live in a world ruled by Emission Trading Schemes and similar models of public insanity than I'm on the "I wish the world would hurry up and end already" bandwagon. Maybe I'll start a FaceBook page with that title...

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