Friday, December 18, 2009

Me and My Robbie

I've been listening to RW's Reality Killed The Video Star a fair bit lately. I always start of slowly, almost reluctantly. It's hard work getting to know a new album (or should I say iTunes download; it doesn't have the same ring to it, does it). It's awkward, a little uncomfortable. Always easier to put on a much loved, well known old friend, singing along in the car being one of my all-time favourite activities.

With Reality I was especially slow off the mark because the first single Bodies didn't really ring my bell.

But slowly I've been easing myself into it and now the rewards are being reaped.

I would have to say at this point my TOP TWO are:

1) Do You Mind
This is Robbie at his cheeky, naughty best. A rocking tune and when he asks:
Do, ooh ooh, ooh, ooh ya mind, if I, II, I, I, II, I touch ya?
Well, what can a girl say? Except YES YES YES (oops, did I say that out loud?).
[After re-reading this I've realised I meant to say NO NO NO, but obviously I could never say NO to Robbie.]

2) Blasphemy
This one is more of Robbie's theatrical confessional style song. Best of all there is some great play on words which I especially love. Here's a taste:
I can’t behave
I know it’s not the heathen in me
It’s just that I’ve been bleeding lately
Don’t turn to me
bite your tongue, the torrid weapon
You could learn a useful lesson

What’s so great about the great depression?
Was it a blast for you?
‘Cause it’s blasphemy

With each new album I worry that I'm going to be disappointed. After all it's hard to better or even equal Come Undone or Sexed Up or Strong. But somehow the new music grows on me and soon enough takes its place amongst the favourites list I can't wait to belt out when I'm driving my poor children from A to B (no wonder they love their iPods so much).


Fiona said...

I'm hoping Santa (or better still RW) comes down my chimney Christmas eve with a new CD!!

Fiona said...

And by chimney, I mean chimney!!

Fiona said...

Just played the cd twice over in the car this afternoon. Finally getting into it.I also like " Do ya mind". It's certainly got that dirty little Robbie tone to it!