Friday, July 16, 2010

Eating your own vomit

It's well documented how I feel about Robbie Williams. He is my fantasy sex on legs.

But today's announcement that he is getting back together with the boy band that spawned his career is akin to eating your own vomit.

For a start he has built a career on shitting on the band, it's members and his entire time with them. Having read his biography Feel I don't recall a single positive word about his experience with Take That.

Furthermore Take That were a boy band and I am fairly certain that none of them can these days be referred to as boys. And there is nothing more pathetic than grown men doing what must be done when they are recreating a boy band: i,e, doing naff dance moves while singing even naffer songs aimed at 12 year old girls.

It's not like he needs the money and I'm sure he didn't just wake up one day and realise he actually loved Gary Barlow instead of despise him.

So what's up? The whole things smells very bad to me and I am going to try very hard to ignore it. Hopefully it will just go away. Because if I see Robbie doing some lame choreographed dance routine alongside his old mate Gary there will be vomit, mark my words.


Julia said...

You just reminded me there are 2 Take That songs that I like. Off to download. Cheers!

Julia said...

Check Facebook!