Saturday, August 21, 2010

2011: The Year of the Frequent Flyer Points

I've just booked our flights to NEW YORK CITY for May/June 2011. My dear sister is getting married, which is wonderful and amazing news. But more importantly I am going to NEW YORK CITY, THE BIG APPLE, THE CITY THAN NEVER SLEEPS.

Just a little excited about it. I just hope it doesn't disappoint like LA.

I'm on a no-shopping diet between now and then because I plan to hit the shops hard in NY. It's going to be a tough nine months.

And because spending endless hours on painfully uncomfortable long haul flights is just too much fun we are starting to plan what we've been calling THE BIG TRIP.

December 2011/January 2012 we'll see us visiting Colombia, Guatemala and then back to Orlando, Florida. We want to take the kids back for a good visit to their countries of birth which will be very special. Then we want to finish the holiday with a week or so in Orlando visiting DisneyWorld and most importantly Harry Potter World.

I don't know what I'm most excited about really (apart from the actual wedding part, though secretly I think I'm just a little more excited about Harry Potter World, sorry JB). It's going to be a huge travel year and I'm starting to feel the familiar happy/scared anxiety building.


Fiona said...

You better come visit me!Or I could go to NYC.
I just got tickets for the Martha Stewart show in NYC on Sep 6. Going to stay 1 night then head home. Next on the list is Jerry Springer. I can give you some shopping tips, but Julia is probably more knowledgable than I on NY.

惠邱邱邱邱雯 said...


Julia said...

Well all I can say is NY will not disappoint!

Woo hoo!

Kath Lockett said...

Wow - you lucky thing you!

Oh and your sister too of course :)