Friday, January 28, 2011

Weight for me

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. I gave all that stuff a bash twenty odd years ago but these days I'm much too cynical to even contemplate such nonsense. But this year, as I look ahead at what will be an incredibly busy, exciting, wonderful and stressful twelve months, I feel like I have to re-assess myself a little to get through it all with sanity, sense of humour and all currently functioning relationships in place.

Weight is a reasonably important issue for me right now. I'm one of those people who isn't vastly obese but on the plump side, always have been, always will be. In the last few years I have come to accept that there is an approximately 5 kg weight range where I feel great at the bottom end and not so great at the top end. Six months ago I was at the bottom end, right now I'm at the top end.

Just feeling bloated and generally unhappy with myself is one thing, certainly an important thing, certainly enough for me to get motivated to do something about it. But there is an extra factor this year which means I have exactly 4 months from today to get to the bottom end of my weight range. That equals 1.25 kg per month I will need to shed. Doh!

On the 28th of May we'll be boarding a plane, a United Airlines plane (RHCP help us), to New York. A couple of weeks ago I purchased an Alannah Hill dress to wear to the special event we'll be attending (a dress which may, or may not, have cost the gross national product of a small African nation - including the Sale discount). It is a gorgeous dress and looks good on my, shall we say curvaceous? figure. But there isn't enough Spanx or baby oil in the world to squeeze me into that thing if I keep piling on the kgs. Not to mention that we'll have a full week of eating our way around NYC/Brooklyn before the big day (with a must-do stop at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ where I'm sure numerous calories will be consumed - I'm starting with the Crumb Cake and working my way down).

Any old how, I have four months to get rid of 5 or slightly more kgs. Sounds easy but really isn't. The Green Coffee Big Jay and I loved last year has now been banned for containing some unlisted substance which increases your risk of heart attack and/or stroke (doesn't everything these days?). I know that with our busy schedule eating well is going to be a very major issue and one which I must stay on top of this year. I have been trying to decide whether I should join a weight loss "program" to help me. I did Weight Watchers about 12-15 years ago and found it predictable but a good support and motivation for me to lose weight. However, I simply don't think I can squeeze in even a single weekly meeting this year (and the on-line version just won't work for me because I really need that face to face accountability of a real life weigh in with a real life person giving me the hairy eyeball about my 200g weight gain).

Apart from trying to stick to a sensible diet (which is simply so difficult because I love to cook and bake) I am hoping to find a miracle pill/drink/toxin which will just put us off eating - just like the Green Coffee did. Any sensible suggestions will be gratefully accepted. I know - exercise would help - but apart from an early morning walk a few times each week I can't see what else I can squeeze in (and stick to).

The other thing I will need to be this year is get and stay organised. I am generally an organised person, more or less. I'm not super lazy or super disorganised but there is big room for improvement. I have never done the "pack the school bags the night before routine" but this year I will need to.

I will also need to find a fool proof way of getting little Miss M out of bed at a sensible time each morning (i.e. before 8:30 am). I have already had a stern conversation with her about being co-operative in the mornings and about giving me her breakfast order post haste each morning and sticking with it (as opposed to the usual morning routine which goes something like this: Miss M gets out of bed grumpy after numerous requests and threats, she may or may not get dressed, she may or may not tell me what she wants for breakfast, she may or may not eat what she asked for, she may or may not demand some other form of breakfast as we're about to walk out the door already late). The problem is she is just too heavy to carry out to the car if she's in the middle of a temper tantrum so sometimes I have to cave in to her ridiculous requests just to get us all into the car and heading to school and work. I hate doing it but what's the solution? Like diet advice any useful suggestions on raising a strong willed, too smart child would be gratefully, nay desperately, accepted.

Or failing that, if you know where to buy tranquiliser darts suitable for small children, please pass on the info. Thank you very much.


Poohbear said...

Hey Kathy i have the same "weight issue" like yourself. I managed to lose about 23kg after coming back from Italy in 2000 and kept it off most of these years but now they have been creeping back up again so 3 weeks ago i decided to join the gym and follow their weight loss program. I have lost nearly 3kgs since starting and i would like to lose at least another 12. I have already started feeling better for it. I know you can do it.If i can then you certainly can too. I have lots of faith that you will get into your dress by then and you will look FAB in it!
Good luck with it all

Kath Lockett said...

I have no advice because I too am in the range that I'm not happy with and my busted achilles has now decided that even power walking is too much for it. Exercise bike riding is utterly boring but necessary and chocolate-tasting is necessary but naughty....

I wish you luck; that's all I have.

Carolyn said...

Hi there KB, I found 'French Women Don't Get Fat' a great philosophy. Though it should have been called "French Women Don't Get Fat Because They Smoke Their Heads Off...'
Carolyn xx

Jules said...

I know you're going to do it! That meal plan we talked about in the car last week made a lot of sense for both of us. Let's do it! Seriously, I can't reiterate enough how much good stuff we'll be eating in NYC/BKLYN.

SeƱorita said...

Hey Kathy. I'm from NY and I can't agree about the food here.. It is great; but if you are in the city, most likely you will be doing a lot of walking too. So, it all balances out... For me, I use this free iphone app called "Lose it". It is really helpful because it tells you how many calories you need daily and how many calories are in various foods. If that does not work, I do want to tell you that Weight Watchers has an online program too and I don't think you have to go to the meetings. Hope this helps!

Oh, and if you like desserts, definitely check out "Cafe Lalo"; it is an NYC hotspot :)

Sarah said...

the hardest thing about losing weight is the first week. if you tackle one day at a time and don't look at it as a life of celery sticks lying out before you, you'll find it easier. one day at a time until eating well and daily exercise is a habit. And don't use the kids activities as an excuse. Schedule in 3 sessions a week for your activities.

and as for the situation with Miss M this not a little bit of the tail wagging the dog?

Deep Kick Girl said...

Well, I'm having a good week. Eating well and feeling well. I know there is no shortcut, just sensible eating.

Carolyn, yeah, I know about those French women. It's all snails and fags with those ladies. Not for me, I'm afraid, I don't care how thin they are.

I think I'll have to take my opportunities for exercise where I can. So I'm going to try and walk while W's at Learning Links and M's at dancing... at least that's something.

Sarah, the tail is often wagging the dog at ours... I think that's the norm when you have small children.