Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too old?

Be honest (sort of)... am I too old for a pair of brothel creepers?

I saw a pair in a magazine today and they whisked me magically back to circa 1984 and my original pair of brothel creepers, black and white and gorgeous.

The ones I'm lusting after right now can be found here (click Footwear then Creepers - I want the Leopard print ones).

I know that this is strictly a nostalgia trip but they are so cool and they will so make me feel 16 again. Is that a good or a bad thing? Why do I even want to go there?

All I know is I can't stop thinking about them.

[Kind] comments please.


Carolyn said...

"Brothel Creepers"! I had to google that one. Talk about white and nerdy. Have to pm you, working in Syndney end of April, but you'll probably be in NY. Love, Carolyn.

Kath Lockett said...

Go for it. I've had a hankering for Doc Martens and the last pair I had were bought in 1992 and lasted until 1994!

Julia said...

Um, you're not wearing 'unisex' sized shoes, that's all I can say. If you find a pair designed for women's feet, go for it.

Deep Kick Girl said...

Now JB, feet don't know that they are "men's" or "women's" feet, they are just feet... and shoes are just shoes. It's the mutton dressed as lamb aspect of this that worries me. I would have thought you'd just hate them full stop.

DOG3OY said...

last thing i need it to be two inches taller

but the black and white pair... mmm