Sunday, April 01, 2012

Movie Review: Drive

Wow, ok...not what I was expecting. Loving Ryan Gosling each time I see him. He isn't really "handsome"; he has a quirkiness which I find oddly enticing (even if I am old enough to be his much older sister).

Anyway, at first I started getting annoyed with the blank stare but there was more to it and my patience paid off.

If you don't know the story Gosling's apparently nameless character is a mechanic, a part time stunt driver and just for kicks he derives the occasional get away car. He is an emotionless pro who gives away nothing about himself.

He connects with his next door neighbour, played by a sweet but totally wasted Carey Mulligan, and her son. When her husband gets out of jail things take a sharp turn for the worst.

I ended up enjoying the very measured pace and styling of this film. It turns into an extremely (and surprisingly) violent visual experience; this aspect is not for the squeamish.

For me it was all about Ryan Gosling; he took a mysterious character and polished him into someone endearing and incredibly frightening.

It was 90 minutes of stylised, edge-of-your seat entertainment and I loved it

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