Monday, April 09, 2012


Saturday we were up early to get ready for our 9:00 am airport pick up. The usual last minute running around. We said goodbye to our new friends, including Tamarindo.

I had woken up feeling sick and the nausea continued on the drive to the airport. We ate a last meal of Pollo Campero after check in (I was hoping the nausea was hunger related).

It was the usual Guatemala-US flight - full of Guatemalans carrying jumbo sized bags full of Campero take away.

I sat next to a nice young woman, a Spanish teacher at a private school in Atlanta, who had taken a bunch of students to build a home for a poor family. The conversation helped take my mind off how sick I was feeling.

At this point Jay was feeling sick too and we were both pretty green by the time we landed in Atlanta.

A word about Delta at this point. They are CRAP. The service is average at best and downright rude at worst. So far they have fulfilled my expectation of getting us from point A to point B safely but that's all I can say about them.

The flight to Orlando was pretty awful. Jay was in the bathroom for 80% of the time and I just sat very still with my eyes closed hoping to get there without any nasty accidents.

Oh, Atlanta airport is HUGE! Biggest hub in the US. There is a multi stop subway which links the numerous terminals. Orlando airport has a monorail which takes you to baggage claim.

By the time we got to Orlando it was about 10:30 and we were very tired, grumpy and us big people were feeling extremely sick. To make things better we got a crazy taxi driver who kept talking about the movie "Contagion" like it was a documentary. Nutter!!

The Hilton Bonnet Creek is an almost new hotel, together with the Waldorf Astoria next door (the only one outside of the NYC), they sit on huge grounds within the Disney precinct. Our room on the 17th floor overlooks Disney and the amazing pool area.

Normally we would be excited, and the kids were, but Jay and I just wanted to go to bed. Of course the kids were starving and at 10:50 I was ordering them room service. At 11:30 the kids are happily eating their cheeseburger and spaghetti and we're lying on the bed like zombies, trying to stay awake long enough to put out the room service trolley.

After a night of tag team toilet flushing Jay woke up feeling pretty good and I woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a train. The kids were super excited about the Easter egg hunt (the girl at the check in desk told us there were 4,000 eggs hidden in the grounds) so Jay took them down while I stayed in bed.

Around 11am I managed to drag myself downstairs to join them by the pool. The kids were having a ball and I snoozed a little in the sunshine. You could get anything you wanted down there: food, drink, blow up pool toys, beach towels. The BBQ station was right near our seats but the smell just made me feel sick.

Jay stayed with the kids while I went back to bed. It's now 6:40 pm and I've wasted the whole day. I'm feeling better though and have just managed to eat a yoghurt with no I'll effects.

DisneyWorld Magic Kingdom tomorrow. I'm hoping for a decent sleep tonight and some energy for a big day.

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