Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's lucky, you're lucky, we're all lucky...

I'm feeling lucky. Lucky to have enjoyed two nights' of fantastic entertainment.

I'll start at the end which is where my inspiration for the above quote comes from. Ring any bells? Any hardcore fans out there?

No? Well, just me then. I'm talking Rocky Horror [Picture] Show. For my money the greatest musical ever written. The new production opened at Star City last week and I've been hanging out for the last few months, the tickets burning a hole in our ticket drawer.

I haven't seen the live version for over 25 years, ever since my rather shell-shocked mum took my then 14 year old self to see it at the Theatre Royal in the early 1980s. But I have seen the wonderful movie version a gazillion times. I'm one of those painful people who know it line by line, and insist on talking and singing along the entire time. You have been warned.

Last night's production was fabulous. A few areas I may have done differently but generally superb. I have to mention Iota as Frank'n'Furter. I was very worried about what take he might have on this character. For me Tim Curry owns this role and always will. Don't mess with the best I say and Iota didn't. He literally had me squirming with delight. Thank you Iota, thank you Richard O'Brien, thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys.

Now let's go back to Friday night. February is Music by Moonlight month here at the Olympic site where we live. Every Friday there is a free performance at The Overflow, a grassy area just across the road from The Stadium (as I'm now calling it, since it has a name change every year or so, depending on who is forking out the sponsorship cash). This is less than a minute's drive from our house and the perfect end-of-week veg out setting for our family.

Sadly the first two Fridays were rained out but we've gone for the third and fourth weeks. The week before there was an African band who were amazing. This week was The Rolling Stones... well, not THE Rolling Stones, but a tribute night of sorts. A hugely talented band with an assortment of male and female singers, each taking a turn at the Stones' classic and not so classic songs. The music was first class and it was amazing to have such an entertaining concert provided for free.

I think it's just the ambience of the night that makes it special. A balmy Sydney summer evening, the stars twinkling overhead, an esky full of cheese, crackers and other gourmet delights. The kids dancing. Our nice neighbours K and B to chat with. A bottle or six of red wine for Big Jay and our new friends. Then back in the car and home within two minutes.

It just doesn't get better than that.

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Julia said...

Yay that you enjoyed Rocky Horror! And yay that I didn't have to go with you! ;-)

Those Olympic concerts sound so great.