Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend facts:

* Too much chocolate eaten.

* Too many hot cross buns eaten.

* Too many night time tantrums from a certain 2 and 10/12th year old who will remain nameless.

* Just the right amount of D&Ms with the girls. (Well you can never have enough really!)

* One cute fuzzy wuzzy red cardigan bought during Ladies' Day at Berry.

* Two ridiculously drunken husbands returning from Dad's Day on Sunday.

* One gorgeous Sunday afternoon spent on Culburra Beach with the happy children.

* Talent for PlayStation BUZZ game discovered.

All in all another fantastic Easter weekend away with some fantastic people I am honoured to have as friends.

Contemplating a new and interesting way to make our evening a misery.

Our baby boy is growing up. (Just a hint of the teenager he'll one day become, don't you think.)


Julia said...

That's exactly what I thought with Will's photo. So handsome...

Kath Lockett said...

They're growing up so quickly! I may have to challenge you to a game of 'Buzz' - I'm the indisputed champion when played at my little bros house

Sarah said...

he's going to break some hearts that boy is.