Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've been meme'd by MillyMoo and here are the rules:

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OK, here it goes:

1) My first real (nudge nudge wink wink) boyfriend was Dean aka Fang (because he had a plate for his front teeth which he would remove for a party trick). This was around the end of Year 8/start of Year 9... yeah I know I started early. Dean had just been released from Minda (a juvenile detention institution where he had been placed after his mother charged him with being "uncontrollable"). My mother was so proud. He dumped me. I was devestated.

2) One of my other high school boyfriends was Adam Garnett. He was the first child actor to win a Silver Logie (in 1981) for his starring role in I Can Jump Puddles. When he went to Melbourne for the Logies ceremony he brought me back a ceramic banana for a present. My mother was concerned about why it was a banana and not some other type of fruit. I dumped him. He was devestated.

3) My first real serious full on boyfriend (not a teenage crush, though I was still a teenager) was Neil. He was a Welsh skinhead. A big tall redhead (see a pattern here?). We were 16/17 and I really thought he was the love of my life. He was a bright boy but during his HSC year he spent way too much time smoking dope and wasting time. I walked away but it broke my heart. I looked him up about 7 years later. He had grown up to be a bit of a looser but he did turn me onto Red Hot Chili Peppers so for that I'll be eternally grateful.

4) My first husband Colin was a Scottish skinhead (see a pattern here?). But he was short and dark and into motorbikes. It seems like a million years ago. He left me the night of my (then) best friend's wedding when he ran off with the groom's half-sister. No, I'm not reliving an episode of Days of Our Lives. In an interesting twist of fate his new love then ran off with his best friend a few years later. Later still he had a relationship with the ex-best friend who had then broken up with her husband. I keep telling you, it's not Days of Our Lives.

5) I had a brief but interesting interlude with Ray, a bikie of Estonian extraction. He was seriously weird but had a very cool Harley, lots of cash and was a fun distraction after the end of my first marriage.

6) When I first started working for my dad and my marriage broke up not long after, I had a fling with Stephen who was the graphic designer who sub-let part of our office. He was a big tall redhead (see the pattern here?). We had lots in common. We had fun. I'll never forget walking through the city after seeing Wild at Heart together, life full of wonderful possibilities. He was a pathetic little mummy's boy. It ended badly.

7) I've had my ears pierced 4 times. The first done the traditional way at around 11 or 12 years of age. Then I did two sets myself in science class with a large safety pin heated over a bunsen burner. I think the fourth holes were done the normal way again. Now I'm back to just the standard one hole in each ear. But the little lumps in my ear lobes will always remind me that I was a bit wild once. God I love that song Anchorage by Michelle Shocked.

I took the time to write to my old friend
I walked across that burning bridge
I mailed my letter off to Dallas but
Her reply came from Anchorage, Alaska

She said Hey girl its about time you wrote
Its been over two years now my old friend
Take me back to the days of the foreign telegrams
And the all night rock'n rollin' hey Chel
We was wild then

Hey Chel you know its kinda funny
Texas always seems so big
But you know youre in the largest State in the Union
When youre anchored down in Anchorage

Hey girl I think the last time I saw you
Was on me and Leroys wedding day
What was the name of that
Love song you played
I forgot how it goes
I dont recall how it goes

Leroy got a better job so we moved
Kevin lost a tooth, hes starting school
I got a brand new eight month old baby girl
I sound like a housewife
I think I'm a housewife

Hey girl whats it like to be in New York
New York City imagine that
Whats it like to be a skateboard punk rocker
Leroy says send a picture
Leroy says hello
Leroy says keep on rocking girl
Yeh keep on rocking

Well, that turned into a very strange tour of the major milestones in my love life. And then a detour into meloncholy. Not sure how that happened. Jason is away and I think the ghosts are swirling closer than usual.


Kath Lockett said...

A good insight into your psyche, DKG!

Julia said...

Oh...I'm all...I don't know what to say. I loved it and feel a bit sad and a bit happy and miss you x