Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here's a story for you.

I was at the bank last Wednesday, depositing a Medicare cheque. Normal routine: fill out the deposit slip, take slip, cheque and cashcard to the teller. As I'm standing there glancing around the branch, talking to Marianna in her stroller, I happen to look over at the teller and notice that on the back of the deposit slip I have just handed to her and the one she is holding in her hand it says: "Hand over all your money or I'll shoot you".

SHIT. I go into major anxiety mode. What do I do? That's like a hold up note, right?! For many seconds (felt like hours) I contemplate the pros and cons of alerting her to the note as oppossed to just pretending I hadn't seen anything. Finally I decide to tell her rather than her discovering it accidentally and thinking I WROTE IT.

So I point it out (as casually as I can under the circumstances). She looks at it, shows it to the two tellers on either side of her. They shake heads, making tutting noises and one says she saw a note like that last week. Everyone goes about their business.

I'm relieved but a bit let down to be honest. Surely they would have some sort of emergency procedure they would automatically launch into. Doors lock, security screens down, police called. But nothing exciting to report at all, except perhaps my elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

This incident raises the question: What sort of SICK FUCKER writes notes like these on the back of deposit slips?


Kath Lockett said...

Dunno - someone who thinks that the Pope's visit and WYD is something exciting?

Julia said...

Oh god!