Sunday, June 29, 2008

So... Sex and the City.

Spoilers follow...

1) The Fashion... someone's taking the piss, right?

2) The Wedding Dress... someone is REALLY TAKING THE FUCKING PISS, RIGHT???!!!

3) No-one in their right mind would dump Smith in order to have meaningless sex with random strangers. Sure it's fiction but that's just fucking stupidity! Samantha deserves to grow old and lonely, surrounded by old newspapers and cats.

4) Big is SOOOO not worth the trouble. IMHO.

5) News Flash: Adoption is not a fertility treatment. Seriously, why does every film/tv show have to feature a pregnancy after an adoption. And the way Lily went from being in every shot to totally disappearing after Charlotte found out she was pregnant was offensive.

6) Reasonable bit of fluffy entertainment but not worth a trip to the cinema. DVD on a Friday night would do just as nicely.

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