Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's been almost seven months since my dear sister J went overseas for her BIG TRIP. It's also the first time I have started to feel that I really really miss her. Not just the superficial missing her I've experienced here and there since the day she left.

Hey JB, I really miss you gorgeous! I hope you continue to have a great time over there in London but should you get sick of all those Poms and give up on the idea of bumping into Kate Moss at the local shops (better off hanging out at the local cocaine dealers!) I'd be really glad for you to come home.


Sarah said...

speaking of your sister - does she intend updating her blog anytime soon?

very rude!!!

Julia said...

Oh KB...same here. Having mum here made me miss home for the first time (and the fact that you guys are having better weather in winter than we are having in summer) and if it wasn't for the job I'd be half-tempted to hop in her luggage. I have lots of blog and photo updating to do, so will get stuck into that this week. Love you so much x