Thursday, September 04, 2008

(Thanks, for such an apt and hilarious card, Mel!)
I'm back home gentle reader after having my girlie internal bits removed and so far so good.
To rewind a little. The week leading up to the op (i.e. last week) I got myself into a bit of a flap. I had been cruising along, feeling good, or at least very calm, about the upcoming operation. Then I thought I'd do some online research and googled "hysterectomy blog". Well, didn't that open up a bit of a Pandora's Box. I read some good stuff but also some worrying and downright crazy stuff. My anxiety levels grew and grew until on Tuesday night I was a blubbering mess, wondering if I was doing the right thing and scared shitless about the aftermath. The pain, the recovery period and the big unknown of menapause were weighing very heavily on my mind. Gradually I regained a little bit of mental control and by Friday morning I was back to being cool and calm.
Once I was at the hospital early Friday afternoon the feeling was somewhat like being a ball in a pinball machine. I was admitted and then bounced from one nurse to the next, each asking my name, date of birth and procedure. There wasn't much time to get worried by that point. Before I knew it I was in the theatre and watching the machine which goes "PING". One thing I do love about operations is the way aneasthetic works, like the OFF button. Fantastic! A second later I'm groggily waking up, as always experiencing that tiny bud of awe and happines that I had survived and was alive.
I have to comment on the level of nursing care at the Sans (Seventh Day Advenist Hospital at Wahroonga). It is superb. On Friday night as they settled me into my room the lovely nurses were so gentle and compassionate, making sure I was comfortable. [I could never be a nurse, my gut instinct is to tell sick people to "snap out of it".]
I was attached to a pain relief button which I could press whenever I had pain. I was looking forward to using this little gadget but to be honest I only pressed the button a couple of times late on Friday night, after that I simply didn't need it. Waking up on Saturday morning I realised I wasn't in very much pain at all and by lunchtime Saturday I had been un-attached from the pain button and the drip and the catheter. I was truly amazed at that point at how well I was feeling.
By Sunday the boredom was setting in. I was feeling much better than I had been expecting and there I was, trapped in a hospital room with a tv and a stack of magazines and books. I read two books in two days and went through all my magazines. Monday I realised how dire my situation was... day time tv is really not fit for human consumption. The worst part was I was watching all these cooking shows and then facing hospital food at meal time.
Any old how, it's now Thursday morning and I've been home since yesterday morning. I am feeling quite good. There is certainly a little bit of pain/discomfort around my lower tummy area. When I laugh or caugh there is the strange sensation that all my guts are going to fall out (had the same feeling when I had my appendix out 20 years ago). Overall though I am feeling good. My energy levels are good. I could be sleeping better but that's only because I am a side sleeper and currently that's not a comfortable option. Sleeping on my back, which is the only possibility at the moment, just isn't my preferred position so I wake often during the night. However, since I'm doing so little actual physical activity I am not tired.
I am planning on returning to work a week early, i.e. next week. At least for a few hours a couple of days next week. I'm very happy about that as I have been very worried about slipping far behind on my work load. But I'll still be taking it easy for the next couple of weeks.
At this point I feel that I have paid a relatively low pain price for the benefits I have gained: no more periods EVER - woohoo!!!; no more pap smears and no chance of either ovarian or cervical cancer. No more ovarian cysts and/or fibroids.
Hysterectomies RULE!


Kath Lockett said...

Glad to hear things went so well, DKG. Do take it easy though - don't rush into going back to work or any more of those pesky City to Bay walkathons too soon, ok?

Julia said...

YOU rule!

Yes, take it easy you nutter - you've been away longer before and it hasn't been for your health so just worry about yourself and not the workload. So glad to hear you are feeling ok, keep me/us updated.

Love you!!!