Thursday, September 18, 2008

It kills me to saying anything positive about Kid Rock. In fact it kills me to even mention his name. Just the mere thought of him makes me slightly sick in the stomach.

However, I have to note that there is something about his new song. It's not that I like it. I don't. It's just that it throws me into a certain state of nostalgia which I find enjoyable. It sends me back to a summer in the early 80s which I'm sure at the time was horrifically angst ridden but from the safe distance of 25+ years it has softened round the edges . Now I cast my mind back to a golden time, a hot summer filled with girl/woman experiences and thrilling, teen-magnified adventures.

Fuck you Kid Rock.

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Kath Lockett said...

I kind of agree with you - I hate it too (and him) and it's kind of a homage to the sluggish eighties rock that's already on constant airplay on FM stations. He's just summed up all up in his one, craptacular song - which will make him a fortune. Sadly.