Sunday, September 14, 2008

What the fuck is going on with NSW state politics right now?

It's tough to realise that your underlying fear that politicians are incompetent power seeking bufoons (at best) and downright evil corrupt mafia types (at worst) is the reality. Generally I want to go through life poking fun at the pollies but giving them little thought in my day to day life. I have to say though with what's been happening during the last week or so I am downright afraid of what damage these goons are capable of. It is impossible to believe we have to wait TWO MORE YEARS before the voters of this state can say enough is enough. However it is these same voters who brought back these dickheads at the last election so I am not fully optimistic for the future.

How fucked up will they leave the beautiful state of New South Wales? That is the important question right now.


Lisa said...

I just discovered your blog through the "Big List." I adopted an amazing little girl from Guatemala in 2006 and have three much older sons.
When I started reading your posts, you sounded so much like me that I started to laugh out loud!
Lisa S.

Sarah said...

I have one word for you on this topic.....