Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Jay and I are really sick today. I came down with a runny nose, headachey sort of cold on Sunday night which got slightly worse during yesterday. Then at 4:00 am we both woke up (well, I hadn't really slept much to that point) with vomiting and the other stuff (you know, both ends). Lucky we have two bathrooms, that's all I can say.

Dad (thank goodness for my dad and my mum who will literally bend over backwards, if necessary, to help us out) came and took the kids to their respective schools. Jay and I dosed on and off on the lounge unti lunchtime when we both realised we were feeling slightly better (vomiting had stopped around 9am). So we've been slothing around, drinking tea, eating bland toast, watching shit tv.

Finally I've had enough and pulled myself partially together to hang out some laundry, fold some other laundry and catch up on my blog.

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