Thursday, November 13, 2008

My morning starts off well. Some exercise, a shower, you know.

Then Big Jay announces he is going to work and all hell breaks loose. Princess Cranky Pants goes into major meltdown. "Daddy, daddy, daddy... I want my daddy". Over and over again and VERY LOUD!

I try to ignore her, going about my business in the bathroom. The hysteria continues. I come into the lounge room to check that she is OK and she is standing in the doorway, the front door WIDE OPEN... and there I am in the nuddy. Shit!

Luckily our front door only opens onto the private lift lobby room shared by us and our next door neighbours in No. 14. They are an old couple whom we don't see very much. It would have been my luck to have old Bob come out at that moment to go for one of his bike rides.

Hastily semi-hiding my bits with one arm (a lot of bits and not enough arm) I crab walk to the door and pry it out of her little hands. She fights like a wild cat, tears spurting, screaming non-stop. The minute I get her away from the door she is back to it, trying to open it again. I have no option but to lock her (momentarily) in her room. She continues to scream and bang on the door.

Quickly I dress and come back to her. She has quietened down. I offer a cuddle and happily she sits on my lap while I get my daily morning fix of Jon and Kate plus 8. Daddy is forgotten.

How was your morning?


Julia said...

Oh babe...

My morning? Up at the crack of dawn baking empanadas for the office village fete (which I was up late the night before making the filling, rolling out the pastry and crimping), which I subsequently find out is on at 11am and not 3pm and that I won't make it because I have a meeting at the same time with Duchy on the other side of town and I hope I'll see Prince Charles there but don't. I am also relieved because said village fete was going to make me dress as the cowboy from the Village People (village fete, Village People, geddit? Such is my workplace).

Love you x

Kath Lockett said...

LOL, oh mate, I've been there. LOVED your 'crabwalk' description though!!