Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And while I'm wearing the Cynical Cold-Hearted Bitch hat... let me just say can the media take a fucking chill pill when it comes to these horrific bushfires in Victoria.

I'm fairly sure we're all reasonably aware of the situation and we've all given what we can.

Is it just me or was there a note of disappointment in the newsreader's voice when he stated that the death toll is unlikely to rise above the current figure of 201?

Can I unkindly suggest that should my house burn down and we were found to be uninsured I'm fairly sure no-one would give a flying fuck and blame us for our own stupidity? Not sure why this sentiment doesn't apply in these sorts of situations. Would there be a telethon for us?

Will the media claim ownership should the arson suspect currently in protective custody be torn limb from limb either by fellow inmates or by the public upon his release? Has the concept of innocent until proven guilty lost all meaning? From my point of view we know almost nothing about this man and the situation (apart from the frenzied hype we're getting from the media - the "journalists" I so highly esteemed in my youth) yet my own husband is ready to rip his arms off and shove them where only a proctologist dares to go.

I don't begrudge the victims of these terrible events a cent and I feel for those who have lost lives and property in this disaster. But I feel we are somewhat like Pavlov's dog, responding because it is on our tv screens. The world is full of tragedies which we are happy to ignore because they are not being fed to us on a minute by minute basis, the awful images rammed down our throats with no reprive. I guess it is unfair of me to expect things to be different. I am just thinking out loud really.

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