Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I want to suck your blood

I am loving loving loving Season 2 of True Blood. I iQ'd the series a while ago and I have two episodes left to watch. Last night I watched Episode 10 and it took all my self control to switch off and go to bed because every atom of being wanted to stay up late and watch the last two.

I sort of enjoyed Season 1 but found it too slow, with too much focus on the romance between Sookie and Bill. But I loved all the little fun details of what a world where humans and vampires living side by side would be like. [The newspaper with the headline "Angelina adopts vampire baby". Too funny!]

But Season 2 is just a fantastic roller coaster ride. I can't take my eyes away for a second, there is so much happening. Maryanne and her evil influence; the orgies and violence and her need to sacrifice poor shape-shifting Sam. How will it all end?

Then there was whole Light of Day Institute scenario with those damned vampire hating Christian nutters. Which introduced us to poor, doomed Godric, the cherubic, ancient vampire, on whom I developed an instant crush. So fucking wrong! Or so very right! Then I even start liking Eric, the bad bad vampire. What does it all mean?

What it means is that I wish I was a vampire. Is that bad? They are just so cool. It's not the idea of drinking blood that would be appealing to me. I would be happy to drink True Blood, like any good modern day vamp. But they are powerful and sexy (all the things I'm not, if you want to indulge in a little psychoanalysis, peeps) and I crave to be one. Now where do I sign up for the American Vampire League (or should I start the Australian chapter?)?

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