Friday, January 01, 2010

Three hours in

At 3:00 am on the first day of the new year I was awoken, after a brief sleep following the hoo haa that goes on at midnight when the new year is born and people choose to celebrate by screaming hysterically, laughing like hyenas and blowing those annoying fucking mouth blower thingies, by loud noises.

I staggered onto the deck to see what was going on. Below me, on the public path which runs between our building and the lapping waters of Duck River, I beheld an unwelcome sight. A group of young men who would be described in media reports and police press releases as "of Middle Eastern appearance" were letting off small "flying saucer" type fireworks and the occassional one which flew up high in the air made a horrific whizzing sound.

I glared at them from the dark safety of my deck, radiating hate and hoping the intensity of my feelings would zap them like a laser. I stood for a while watching as they laughed and babbled as each firework went off. I know it was evil but I badly badly badly wanted one of the fireworks to backfire and set them alight. It does not say much about the state of my sleep-deprived mental health that I was annoyed and terribly let down when they ran out of their stupid fucking fireworks and staggered off, with hardly a singed hair. How I would have laughed at the bonfire their stupid little terrorist in the making heads would have made.

What does this event signify for the start of the new year? Bugger all really. I suppose it will just be what it will be. I just hope that the state of my sleep improves because the last few days have been totally shithouse, sleep-wise. I blame Avatar...

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