Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yuck, Yuck and triple Yuck

I've been making smoothies lately. There's something about a warm summer morning that makes me crave an icy cold, creamy, banana and mango smoothie, made with a squirt of honey and an ice cube for extra icy-ness.

Anyway, on Wednesday morning (after our return from another wonderful short holiday break with our wonderful friends the G family in Port Macquarie) I went about making myself one of these delicious concoctions. In goes the milk, the chopped up banana, half a chopped up mango, the honey and ice. Bbbbbjjjjjjjjj goes my trusty Sunbeam magic wand thingy (what are they called?? and no, not that magic wand thingy - RIP BOB the first BTW).

Imagine my surprise, bewilderment, horror when the mixture turns a lovely shade of pale khaki instead of the usual tropical shade of pale orange. I stare at it, my morning brain trying to make sense of it all.

Hesitently I lift out the magic wand and look at the blade area (had a mouse impaled itself on it while I was away?). No, it was worse, much worse, than that. There was mould, thick, crusy, gray mould growing underneath the blades. Now before you start wondering about the hygiene standards at Chez Deep Kick Girl let me assure you all is well in that department. I always wash the blades thoroughly after use and dry in the appropriate manner.

After closer examination it appears that the mould has grown in the rubber seal area underneath the blades; a rubber seal which does not seem to actually serve any purpose, except to harbour germs and grow mould.

I have scrubbed it all again and soaked briefly in a bleach solution but I'm not sure I can ever bring myself to use this gadget again. Which may be a good excuse to purchase my new kitchen love interest...

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