Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some people are just fucked.

Let me tell you a story.

Marianna goes to day care at Acre Woods Day Care Centre in Gladesville. It's located in a complex of industrial units. There are maybe a dozen cleary marked parking spots right out the front, stating who the parking spots belong to and that they are for dropping off and collecting of children.

Across the driveway from the Centre is a gym which has it's own set of parking spaces. Not a day goes by that there aren't some cars parked in the Day Care Centre's parking spots which obviously belong to people using the gym. During the main part of the day this isn't an issue but in the mornings and late afternoons it is because there are often no parking spots outside the Centre for parents to use.

There is parking out on the street but it involves walking up/down a ramp. Now parents are only there for 10 minutes at drop off/pick up time - in and out. Gym goers are generally there for an hour or more. It would seem logical to anyone with more than a dozen brain cells that if you are going to the gym and can't get a park in one of their spots that you could park in the street and take the short walk to the gym (what's a bit more exercise).

Anyway, yesterday afternoon when I pulled in to pick up my bundle of joy, my sweet little treasure (are you detecting the subtle note of sarcasm?) there were no parking spots outside the Centre. As I hovered waiting for a spot to come up I saw two young blokes, gym bags in hand get out of a van and head towards the gym. A mum who was at the time putting her toddler in the car obviously had had enough and said something to them (I couldn't hear her but I could tell she was agitated). They said something back and kept walking. Obviously she lost the plot because she ran into the gym after them and continued yelling. At that time I parked in a spot that had just become available and as I got of the car she got into hers and drove away, clearly very distressed.

The main goon stood in the gym door and was yelling at her and swearing. In the heat of the moment I yelled over at him that he shouldn't have been parking there and pointed at the signs. He said something really smart like "well, I've been parking there for a year" (hmmmm, well that's OK then!). Then he continued swearing and yelling how he wasn't going to be spoken to like that (in reference to the other woman's comments). I told him not to swear as there were children around and said "you're a big man". He continued going off, "f" words flying. My heart racing, I went into the centre.

The point of my story is that people just aren't courteous any more. These young men are just selfish pigs, they don't give a shit about anyone else, let alone the needs of young children and their parents. We must appear like weird aliens to them, as they peer at us from their ego-fuelled universe, wondering why the hell we can't just leave them alone to go about their hedonistic ways.

I go around with a constant level of underlying built-in guilt, constantly apologising to people in the shops for touching them, even if they were the ones to bump into me, always worried I'm in someone's way or somehow impeding them in my actions. That's also extreme and I am constantly annoyed with myself for this automatic apologising. But surely there's has to be a certain level of decency amongst the community, some level of caring about each other, simply "doing the right thing".

Is it a generational thing? My dad thinks it all started to go wrong with the women's movement demanding "equality" and that was the thin edge of the wedge when it comes to manners and civil behaviour. I don't think so. But there must be an explaination as to why people today are so rude and self-centred and plain obnoxious.

Any ideas?


Julia said...

People are pigs. It does my head in enough as is without wondering why.

Stuff a big black dildo in their exhaust pipe next time you see them.

Deep Kick Girl said...

Hey, if I had a big black dildo:

a) I probably wouldn't have it just floating around in my car and;

b) I wouldn't be wasting it on those morons.

Kath Lockett said...

I hear ya sisters! Take heart and behave as courteously as you always behave, living well is your best revenge.

Or mostly. For the gym gonads, you have time.... lots of it. That's what bananas (why waste a good dildo) up the exhaust, scratch marks along the sides or even a hastily hammered nail in the tyre is for.

You're a scriptwriter - do you know any out-of-work actor who could pose as a traffic/parking inspector for you?

If it makes you feel any better, I really let a bloke have it today. OKaaaay, so he was only ten years old and at C's school, but little ape was trying to fling the swing up and over the bar, thus making it useless. I strode over, snatched the swing from his hands and told him to "Get out of here before I call the principal. Oh and I'm a TEACHER in case you didn't know."

First time in ages C looked impressed!

franzy said...

It isn't a generational thing. Some people are just fuckheads, no matter what age. Going to the gym doesn't make them more or less of a fuckhead (hem hem)either, it just causes them to become confused about the differences between fitness and beauty ...

Kath Lockett said...

DeepKickGirl, your blog article has inspired me to write about it as well

ashleigh said...

Let their tyres down :)

Sarah said...

on rudeness...yes I agree. People these days are, on the whole, rude and selfish. And that includes people with children.

Lets start with the sense of entitlement parents with prams's one of my current pet peeves.

I'm fed up with the way car parks are being handed over to parents with prams and yes, I do say 'fuck em' and park in them too. And for the record I cannot be fined for parking in them either. Most parents are young and fit and equally capable of walking across the carpark with their precious bundles of joy in a pram, as I am.

Having children and dragging them through shopping centres is a choice, so don't expect the rest of us to bend over backwards to accomodate your (in the plural form) belief that you should get preferential treatment in everything from parking spaces to seating in restaurants.

Ooooh and little screaming out-of-control brats in restaurants is a whooole other peeeve. If I am in a nice inner city cafe coughing up $60 for my Saturday morning breakfast I sure as hell don't want to be subjected to your unrestrained bundle of joy banging cutlery on a wooden table while you, with your parental induced deafness, ignore him. And if you do allow him to bang the spoon on the table non stop for 10 minutes please don't look so horrified when I threaten to ram the spoon down his throat if you don't take it off him.


Deep Kick Girl said...

Well, now Sarah. I do agree with you regarding parent parking in shopping centres. I see no need for that. I think the centres are just courting the mummy money which is very lucrative I believe.

Restaurants are a grey area for me. I'm a believer in taking children out to restaurants in order to expose them to not only good food but the sort of behaviour expected in such a place. Sadly this doesn't always work. I try to come prepared with everything from colouring in equipment to PSPs - basically whatever it may take to keep them happy and busy and quiet. For this reason my kids have eaten at The Summit and Pilu (as examples of fine Sydney restaurants). Lunch time only.

Unfortunately for you my money is just as good as yours (in terms of no-kids vs with-kids patrons).

Personally I think most restaurants, space permitting, would be doing themselves and their clients a big favour by providing a "children's area" where kids could play or watch a DVD after their meal so that their parents could enjoy their food a bit longer.

Possibly we'll have to agree to disagree on this particular topic. We'll talk again when you're squiring your own bundle/s of joy around town.

Sarah said...

When and if i have my own bundles of joy I can assure you that I will be coughing up for a babysitter or dumping them on their doting grandparents until such a time that they can sit at a table without using it and the cutlery as a percussion ensemble.

Kids don't like being dragged around shopping centres/supermarkets, nor do they like being confined to a dining table for hours on it beats the hell out of me why parents torture their kids and the genral public by doing subjecting all of us to such discomfort.