Sunday, June 29, 2008

So... Sex and the City.

Spoilers follow...

1) The Fashion... someone's taking the piss, right?

2) The Wedding Dress... someone is REALLY TAKING THE FUCKING PISS, RIGHT???!!!

3) No-one in their right mind would dump Smith in order to have meaningless sex with random strangers. Sure it's fiction but that's just fucking stupidity! Samantha deserves to grow old and lonely, surrounded by old newspapers and cats.

4) Big is SOOOO not worth the trouble. IMHO.

5) News Flash: Adoption is not a fertility treatment. Seriously, why does every film/tv show have to feature a pregnancy after an adoption. And the way Lily went from being in every shot to totally disappearing after Charlotte found out she was pregnant was offensive.

6) Reasonable bit of fluffy entertainment but not worth a trip to the cinema. DVD on a Friday night would do just as nicely.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

[Insert photo of fireworks here*]

Congratulations! To! Me!

Monday was the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of my blog and my blogging life.

Doesn't time fly when you like to write drivel about your own boring life? Well, apparently, YES, it does. Thanks for taking the time.

*Bloody blogger wouldn't upload my fireworks picture due to some stupid error.
It's been almost seven months since my dear sister J went overseas for her BIG TRIP. It's also the first time I have started to feel that I really really miss her. Not just the superficial missing her I've experienced here and there since the day she left.

Hey JB, I really miss you gorgeous! I hope you continue to have a great time over there in London but should you get sick of all those Poms and give up on the idea of bumping into Kate Moss at the local shops (better off hanging out at the local cocaine dealers!) I'd be really glad for you to come home.
Here's a story for you.

I was at the bank last Wednesday, depositing a Medicare cheque. Normal routine: fill out the deposit slip, take slip, cheque and cashcard to the teller. As I'm standing there glancing around the branch, talking to Marianna in her stroller, I happen to look over at the teller and notice that on the back of the deposit slip I have just handed to her and the one she is holding in her hand it says: "Hand over all your money or I'll shoot you".

SHIT. I go into major anxiety mode. What do I do? That's like a hold up note, right?! For many seconds (felt like hours) I contemplate the pros and cons of alerting her to the note as oppossed to just pretending I hadn't seen anything. Finally I decide to tell her rather than her discovering it accidentally and thinking I WROTE IT.

So I point it out (as casually as I can under the circumstances). She looks at it, shows it to the two tellers on either side of her. They shake heads, making tutting noises and one says she saw a note like that last week. Everyone goes about their business.

I'm relieved but a bit let down to be honest. Surely they would have some sort of emergency procedure they would automatically launch into. Doors lock, security screens down, police called. But nothing exciting to report at all, except perhaps my elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

This incident raises the question: What sort of SICK FUCKER writes notes like these on the back of deposit slips?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have you seen this ad for World Youth Day 2008?

Is it just me or does the Pope look like he eats small children in his spare time?

Majorly creepy!
We're back... and trying to adjust to real life. The worst part about holidays is having to come back. Woe is us (I'm sure there's a lot of tiny violin playing going on out there right now!).

Anyway, the Fiji trip was wonderful. We stayed at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort which is abou 60 kms from Nadi on the Coral Coast. It is very much a family resort and if I didn't have children I would think it would be my worst nightmare.

The Fijians are just beautiful, the most friendly, welcoming people... they just work on Fiji time. I've heard people complain about lack of professionalism with the service in Fiji; to me it's the perfect service for when you're on holidays. Sure it's a little relaxed but that's what I want when I'm hols and generally I'm happy to wait a while, after all when you're kicking back with a book by the pool it doesn't really matter if your fancy cocktail with the pineapple and umbrella garnish takes an extra five minutes.

We went with three other families, all of whom we know through our adoption group and who we've become very good friends with. There were nine children in our group: four older boys and five little ones. They are all great buddies and apart from a few fatigue induced squabbles they got on beautifully. It was such a pleasure to watch them playing in the sand on the lagoon or running around on the grassy area outside our rooms. There was a really fun kids' disco on every night and we took the kids a few times - they loved it; the limbo competition was hilarious.

There were many highlights:

* The children playing together (I could watch them for hours - as long as they're not bickering).

* The children dancing with the Polynesian dancers on stage.

* Meeting the local school children during our day trip.
* Jason taking Marianna for a horse ride on the beach.

* Laying by the pool chatting and reading with my dear friends.

* Some lovely dinners - adults only (thank goodness for evening kids' club!).

* The "big night out" when we hit the disco and danced the night away (well, until 12:30 AM anyway - that's a big night for us old parent types).

Lots more but I'll just let the pictures do the talking...