Monday, January 26, 2009

It was our 11th wedding anniversary yesterday. Last year (the big TEN) we went down to Melbourne for the Australian Open finals weekend (this year they only seem to be up to the third round so the timing seems to have changed). Anyway, celebrations were on a lower key this year.

Mum took us out for lunch at the gorgeous HarbourKitchen&Bar at the Hyatt on Sydney Harbour. I love this restaurant, with its beautiful view and wonderful food. They even have a reasonable kids' menu (which is novel for such a hoity toity restaurant). It was nice to dress up and enjoy a lovely afternoon by the Harbour. Thankfully the children behaved themselves which made it extra nice. [I am constantly conflicted by my philosphy that children should be exposed to nice food and nice restaurants and my ongoing experience whereby children misbehave in aforementioned nice restaurants thus causing stress, anxiety and an aversion to taking aforementioned children to aforementioned restaurants.]

I will hopefully add some photos from the day tomorrow (when Big Jay uploads them from his Blackberry at the office... stay tuned).

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