Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So to recap... Christmas and surrounding days were busy, really busy. I'm fairly sure they were fun but I was too busy to notice. I just remember a whole lot of cooking and washing up, a whole lot of shopping in days prior and a rabbit. Yes, we have a rabbit. A cute dark gray dwarf lop earred rabbit. His name is Jasper (as opposed to Bum Bum, which is what Will wanted to call him). Any bunny rearing tips gratefully appreciated at this point.

Anyway, Santa came and went, as he does. Lots of pressies all around. As usual it's the presents you least expect to be popular which are. In our case the last minute game of Mouse Trap, purchased as an afterthought, has proven to be a big hit. The kids don't want to play it but they love setting it up and making the trap work.

The Guitar Hero PlayStation game which I thought Will would go crazy over has proven to be a little too difficult for him (and me). Only Jason has the interest and patience to master it at the moment. Maybe it's just us but this is how hard the game is: after spending a great deal of Sunday afternoon playing it Big Jay can only manage around 50% accuracy at the EASY level. God help me if I ever hear Pat Benetar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot again!

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Kath Lockett said...

Aw, Jasper sounds cute! Young Skipper was actually the first Lockett member to move into our Melbourne house. His hutch was installed in the back about three days before settlement.

His favourite food is parsley and then carrots and I love the way he smells - so soft and warm. VERY different story about his wee wees though...!