Thursday, July 23, 2009

Imagine my excitement when I received an email with this in the subject line:

"The Ultimate Experience with the Sydney Swans up for grabs!"

Imagine my disappointment when I read the details:

"As a special offer to My Ticketek members, book tickets online to one of the remaining Swans games this season before Sunday 9 August and go in the draw to win a 2009 Sydney Swans signed guernsey, Swans merch voucher, Platinum seating for 4 at ANZ Stadium to see Sydney battle Geelong and a $50 ANZ food and beverage voucher!"

Obviously their idea of the Ultimate Experience and mine are very, very different. No mention of scented body oil and/or a blow up rubber pool full of jelly. I think their marketing people need to get back to the drawing board.


Julia said...

Haha - this is a huge part of my job and that kind of call to action is just so wrong, unless you are offering RTW flights with all the Swans AND a £50 ANZ food and beverage voucher ;-)

PS $50? What does that get you these days?! And for 4 people!

Deep Kick Girl said...

$50 would maybe buy each person a stale, luke warm hot dog and a flat beer. Woo hoo, live it up. And still not one nude forward to be found.

Since your job involves children's television please don't take my suggestions for celebrity nudity too seriously. No-one wants to see Dora in her birthday suit.

Kath Lockett said...

....and I don't want to see any nude Swannies either!

Deep Kick Girl said...

We'll just have to agree to disagree on that, my friend.