Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My movie review of Last Ride (reviewed for www.KidsSpot.com.au):

I enjoyed Last Ride but it is certainly not an easy film to watch. Hugo Weaving is Kev, a petty career criminal on the run across the Australian outback with his son Chook. The backstory is played out in semi-cryptic flashbacks and we slowly come to realise what has brought them to this situation. As they travel along an obviously futile journey, it is the relationship between father and son which drives the story. Very quickly the audience understands that there can be no happy ending.

It is a sparse film, little dialogue and tense drama, beautifully acted, written and directed. I was drawn into every scene, mesmerised. As a parent I found the neglect and abuse of Chook very hard to watch and comprehend. These are the fringes of our society which we don't often see and for the me the situation brought up more questions than answers.

I would not recommend this film as a piece of light entertainment. It is not that at all. But it is a thought provoking, intelligent film which explores themes which are worth thinking about.

I did very much love the ending. While it couldn't have ended happily without ruining the film, I thought the film makers did find a beautiful way of ending it on a note of hope.

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