Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To the casual observer it may appear that I hate my children. But rest assured I don't. They certainly test my sanity on a very regular basis. Often they make me think that I should have given more serious thought to a life in the nunnery or a Buddhist monestary or simply a cave far, far away. But apart from these moments I spend a lot of time loving my children so much it scares me.

They are both amazing little people and the fact that the universe has somehow placed them in my care is a totally awesome and unfathomable concept. They make me feel stuff all the time.

How can I describe what I feel when I find Marianna dressed in a singlet and undies dancing in front of the mirror in her room, singing Waterloo at the top of her lungs, substituting "bum" for every second word?

How can I describe what I feel when I find Will and Marianna conspiring together in her room. Huddled around her little Dora table, Marianna is issuing instructions to Will who is her scribe. He has written "I love you mummy. From Marianna". They are preparing it as a surprise for me.

Parenting is full of really tough moments but the sweet moments make it all so worthwhile. I am one very lucky mummy.


Kath Lockett said...

Yes, you are. And you deserve it, too :)

Julia said...

Ok, teary now.