Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well I didn't quite finish that off on a positive note, did I? Hmmm...

This is positive though. Before Harry Potter we saw the preview of a film I'm very much looking forward to, Where The Wild Things Are. This is based on a book which I loved so very much as a child and now love reading to my own children. It's a beautiful, magical book; just the right mix of humour, imagination and the scary ideas which loiter around children's minds. The language is intelligent and just a little cryptic, making the child work a bit to "get it" and giving the adult reader a great deal of pleasure.

The film looks amazing and I think Spike Jonze is the perfect director for it. I can't quite imagine anyone else doing it justice. There is even an appearance by our very own Angus Sampson (not yet sure if he's a monster or a human, IMDB doesn't provide his character's title).

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