Friday, September 25, 2009

Cool news.

Ben Lee and his wife Ione Skye had a baby girl.

It may just be humdrum celebrity gos to you but it's meaningful to me.

Forgive me for repeating myself but not only did Ben Lee go to school with my sister but he makes music I love, music that makes me feel happy and grateful and alive.

The fact that he is married to Ione Skye is a cosmic mind fuck because I love Ione Skye. She is my icon, my goddess, my apex of human perfection. Why? Because not only is she beautiful, but for a brief period of time she was filming Say Anything (my all time favourite film. EVER.) alongside John Cusack (my all time favourite actor. EVER. well, at least in the films he did in the 90s plus High Fidelity) which is written and directed by Cameron Crowe (one of my all time favourite writer/directors) BUT and ALSO at the time she was filming this cinematic masterpiece she was also living with (in the Biblical sense) one ANTHONY KEIDIS, yes THAT Anthony Keidis.

Does anyone really deserve that sort of wonderfulness? (Let's not bring up the fact that Anthony would have been a horrific heroin addict at the time of their relationship and as such probably a total nightmare to be with.)

So time comes and goes and here she is, 20 years later, married to Ben Lee and with a baby.

The cosmos moves in weird and amazing ways, don't you think.


Julia said...

Wowser about the baby! I slow danced with him!

And Say Anything was on tv tonight :-)

Kath Lockett said...

Yeah I thought it had a nice symmetry to it as well - I've got a few of his albums and, corny as this sounds, they just make me smile.

Sapphire hates it though, if I'm wearing his 'Love me like the world is ending' running t-shirt when I'm walking her to school.