Friday, September 18, 2009

Let me entertain 'roos, says outback Robbie Williams

I love the headline and I love the idea.

Come on Down... Under, Robbie. There are a couple of very nice apartments for sale in my building. We could be neighbours.

Imagine that!

"Just popping down to borrow a cup of sugar from our nice neighbour Robbie, dear."

"Why are wearing that sexy lingerie, darling?" [This is my fantasy and I don't look like a half melted marshmallow in this fantasy, OK!]

"Oh, no reason... back soon..."

Did I say that out loud?

1 comment:

shoegal said...

Our house will be for lease soon, do you think Robbie would be interested? Kathy, you could do the rental inspections!!.
"now , Robbie, about the bedroom!"