Wednesday, September 02, 2009

For those of you who think that making children live in an apartment in Australia (the land of the quarter acre block) is cruel and unusual punishment, here is Exhibit A:

This is our virtual backyard, the park just downstairs from our apartment. Notice the water backdrop, the grass, the garden and the paths for bike and scooter riding. Notice the happy smiling children (yes, they do smile and are happy occassionally, when they are not lementing how mean and horrible their parents are).

Here is a photo I like even better:

These pics were taken by their Baba (my mum) who looked after them on Sunday while I was out galavanting with my girlfriends. Thanks, Baba!


Kath Lockett said...


Fiona said...

You're such a deglectful mother;galavanting with your (gorgeous) girlfriends while your children exercise in the fresh air
with their Baba. I'm thinking of reporting you to DoCS; because goodness knows they have nothing else to do!!

Claire said...

Well, these children certainly look very hard done by. Shame on you!