Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love the city - part two

One of the things we did on Saturday was have lunch at the Lawenbrau in The Rocks. It's one of those places that's a bit of a Sydney institution but I've never been. So with the aim of using up some of those discount vouchers from my Entertainment Book we risked having our eye taken out by a stray boob sneaking out of those low cut wench's outfits the girls wear and settled in for a late lunch.

While I wouldn't say all is forgiven regarding who started the war it was a really good meal and a fun place to hang out. For a start I ordered the Pork Knuckle, having never tried one before, and it was wonderful. Gorgeous thin crunchy crackling covering moist roast porky meat... mmmm... porky meat (something about saying "porky meat" makes me come over all Homer Simpson). I shared a generous bit with most of the others and still had plenty for myself. The warm saurkraut wasn't so good but the mash and gravy were de-licious!

The beer of course came in sizes Large or Huge and here is a pic of me holding a Large size (half a litre) while Big Jay went off to the loo. At this point we had finished our meal and were inside watching the rather good band (you haven't lived until you've seen a German band do Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire - hopefully not in reference to the after effects of the food).

Don't ask which is Laverne and which is Shirley.

I also had a Clayton star sighting when I thought I saw Philip Seymour Hoffman at The Rocks Markets. I ran around like an idiot telling Big Jay and everyone else who would stand still long enough that I had seen him. [PSH is someone I adore. From the moment I first set eyes on him The Big Lebowski he has gone from strength to strength. He is directing a Sydney Theatre production of True West - to which we have tickets thanks to my sister and mum - so I thought he must be here for rehearsals.] Anyway, when we got home I was writing a post about it when I Googled his name only to discover he was in Brooklyn the night before at a film premiere. It was feasible that he had flown straight over to Sydney afterwards but in the photo his hair and beard were cut short and the man I saw had a scragly beard and longish hair. So obviously it was a false star sighting. How very disappointing.

Even more disappointing was seeing Neil "no-one understands what I'm trying to do" Perry inside his Rockpool Restaurant as I walked past it later that afternoon. He was obviously having a powwow with his underlings (hopefully they understand what he's trying to do) when I walked past. The most disappointing aspect was that I didn't have a brick on me to lob at his ponytailed melon head.

I'm a nasty cow, aren't I, but you already knew that.


Kath Lockett said...

Ms Deep Kick, you've caused me to snort up cereal instead of swallow it when you wrote: 'Don't ask which is Laverne and which is Shirley'.

And I'm with you: I want to sneak up behind Mr Perry with a big pair of scissors and SNIP!

Fiona said...

Enough to put you off your meal, isn't he?