Monday, September 13, 2010

This must have been how Shane Warne got started

Let me prelude this story by saying I was at home on Saturday night, watching the Swans vs Western Bulldogs game (may the fleas from a thousand camels infest their armpits) and texting comments to Big Jay (who was at a buck's party and away from a tv) and to my boss Bob (who was watching the game at home alone, his wife being away). Will was watching with me and sent a text to Big Jay to say "I love you dad hope you have fun".

So Sunday morning, I'm in the shower and Will calls out that Bob is calling my mobile. When I hop out I get my phone to call him back and notice that the Messaging screen is open. Will has recently taken to texting from my phone and leaving funny, sweet messages in my Notes ("Hi kathy love you from Will").

So here are the last four messages on my screen (you have to remember these SMS are coming from my phone and my name is appearing on Bob's phone):

From my phone: Are. You at home bob

From Bob: Yes

From my phone: I love you bob

From my phone: What are you doing bob

[I'm pretty sure the next question would have been: What are you wearing bob.]

You can just imagine what Bob is thinking!!!!

I've worked with him for almost 20 years, we've been members of the Sydney Swans with Bob and his wife for many years, I took his sons (now grown men) to see the basketball in 1992 when they were just tiny boys, his wife Tricia and I are good friends. You get the picture.

So he gets up on a bleary Sunday morning and get's text messages from me saying "I love you". I would have been a tiny bit worried if I was him.

Obviously I rang him straight away and explained the situation, but there must have been a minute or two there when he was thinking "what the....?".

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Kath Lockett said...

You probably made Bob's day!